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Of course most of us would prefer not to pay for PMP practice exam questions. But its true in life you get what you pay for it. Higher quality prep means paying for higher quality exam prep. These sites below offer the most up to date questions and study materials for the PMP exams. I also recommend you check out the study guide on this site. I highly recommend the book by Rita for PMP preparation.

SitePriceQuestionsAccessRating(1 to 5)
Pm Training Practice Exams59.991000+90 Days5

pmp online course
35.0060030 days4.8
89.99180090 days4.5
http://www.agileexams.com49.99/75.9961030/90 days4


Additional Exams not Top rated

Name and WebsiteNumber of QuestionsPriceDays of AccessRatingRead My Review Days Unlimited5 Stars day4 Stars Stars Stars Days Unlimited3 stars Days Unlimited3 stars Days Unlimited5 Stars stars Stars days2 stars Days Unlimited3 Stars days3 Stars Stars

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